William F DeVault

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God envies the poets. After 16 books, five CDs and more than 20,000 poems in my catalog, I am still grinding at top speed. And now I have a literary magazine I have created and am an editor and publisher!


Passion.  Honest passion.  That which I know within me, that which I perceive in others.

Amid a constant hunt for truth.  And, after too long away, I am back.

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Accomplishments: *Named "Romantic Poet of the Internet" 1996, Yahoo.
*Named to Appalachian Education Initiative's "Art&Soul" list of 50 outstanding creative artists who attended public school in West Virginia.
*Poet and Poem of the Year, 2001, Preditors & Editors Online Poll
*Poet of the Month (Twice) Incognito Cafe, 1997


Grace: poetry of affection and seduction by William F DeVault
Poetry of passion and love....


Cleave by William F DeVault
An all-digital edition of 69 of the Romantic Poet of the Internet's intense and seductive works....

Price: $3.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook)   

Selected Poems and Passions: 2004-2011 by William F DeVault
Selections of poetry written between 2004 and 2011 by the American poet named the Romantic Poet of the Internet by Yahoo in 1996....


Short Stories

Tales of the Amomancer: Jennai's Ode
 by William F DeVault
A story of a time when poets spoke magic......


Overture and Underworld
 by William F DeVault
My birthday poem for this year....

early morning
 by William F DeVault
a meander......

Revelation in satin and silk
 by William F DeVault
for a lady....

gold and violet
 by William F DeVault
something new...

49 degrees in LA
 by William F DeVault
I was struck by an early morning scene when I was scouting a return to LA last year......

 by William F DeVault
A vision, at it were......

 by William F DeVault
Yes, the vampire is an overused theme and avatar in poetry and literature in general. But this piece has garnered a lot of attention elsewhere so I thought I would share it here. ----------------...

White Sunday 122: blithe
 by William F DeVault
One of the poems from my upcoming book....

the quiet crucibles
 by William F DeVault
Just a little something recently posted to my dA presence....

Thunder of Lust
 by William F DeVault
This is the poem, I believe, that found the woman I have been looking for....

 by William F DeVault
This poem is about three years old and was recently cited by a peer as, his words, 'I can say, without fear of contradiction, that this is one of the finest love poems I have ever read, and it is ce...

Walsingham in Padua
 by William F DeVault
The metaphor is taken from the years that Francis Walsingham, Elizabeth I's future Master of Spies, spent in self-enforced exile during the reign of Queen Mary. I have been in that position, more tha...

The Sacraments
 by William F DeVault
Controversial, as they make metaphor of the classic Catholic sacraments as the sacraments between two lovers. Note the presence of an haiku and a triskadekian canto in the mix, and the metaphors unde...

the perfecting dark
 by William F DeVault
We all have our dark sides, better to express them in a loving relationship than give them their own reign....

your resolute
 by William F DeVault
For the Sunday Girl...

the grief of Bragi and Apollo
 by William F DeVault
a profound trifle....

White Sunday 34
 by William F DeVault
I bit over the line for my usual content, but a troublingly well-executed sonnet about sex as a sacrament for lovers, nonetheless....

White Sunday 30
 by William F DeVault
Not an ordinary poem, this one has layers within layers within layers. ...

White Sunday 23
 by William F DeVault
Someone asked me what all these White Sunday poems mean. My response was that I had fallen in love and was coming back into focus as a person and a poet. ---------------------------------------...

satin chessboard
 by William F DeVault
Originally I was going to call this poem Provisions, but when the line about the satin chessboard came into being, I had to change it......

 by William F DeVault
For The Sunday Girl. A little bit of erotically-charged envisioning....

White Sunday V
 by William F DeVault
The fifth of the series and perhaps the most bold, if only for the final lines. The allegory of passion as religion, the religious metaphors, the reference to past idols, all present and accounted fo...

I do not chase the wind
 by William F DeVault
Written of a beautiful friend. ------------------------------...

White Sunday IIII
 by William F DeVault
Since it was writ last year, this entry into the White Sunday poems has taken on a cult following. Note the brief cameo by the evangelist. ---------------------------------------...

White Sunday III
 by William F DeVault
Contemplating love as a sacrifice, as a crucifixion, as a resurrection....


amomancies volume 1 issue 1 annotation
 by William F DeVault
A breakdown of the poems and images featured in the inaugural issue of amomancies....


Exclusive Kindle edition of love poems
 by William F DeVault
William F. DeVault's first fully digital book of poetry....

Poet Teams with Spanish Photographer
 by William F DeVault
William F. DeVault has teamed with Spanish photographer Cristina Otero to present a new video for his poem For the Right Set of Lips...

New Video for The Taste of Remembrance
 by William F DeVault
William F. DeVault, the Romantic Poet of the Internet, has collaborated with Polish alt-goth model VMP Selene to present a video of his poem The Taste of Remembrance....

NSFW Video of 'love is an howling beast'
 by William F DeVault
Video of my poem, with images from my new magazine....


The City of Legends
The poet's personal blog: News of his books, CDs and tours, and the usual high-drama personal life BS.

The pure poetry blog, containing nothing but poetry...hundreds of pieces!

The poet's official page at Facebook
He could always use a new friend.

Homepage for my literary magazine, which combines romantic and erotic poetry with beautiful and evocatove images. You can download the pdf for free!

Additional information

Working on my 16th book, "cleave", and my 6th CD.

Contact Information

William F. DeVault
5042 Wilshire Boulevard #29960 
Los Angeles   CA   90036   USA
 William F DeVault
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