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Knowledge creates freedom, understanding, and the courage to believe in yourself! Believing in that knowledge and God's wisdom will help others to believe in you and your ability to help them. aka. Mr. B / Dream Weaver /djbeaulieu


I have been writing for over thirty-five years and have tried most genres. I find poetry and the short story to be my main format, although I do like to write philosophical/topical essays from time to time. I have been published, but that was so long ago I doubt anything is any longer in print. And, that which is, has long sense disappeared beneath its dust cover. I have been writing “silently” now for over twenty years and I figure it is time to reemerge from time's lost closet. My poetry is eclectic and deals with many concepts/ideas in, of, and about the journey of life. The short stories tend to be egocentric, but not exclusively so. Most of my essays fall into the metaphysical and philosophical realm and typically are very optimistic about man’s/woman’s relationship to ourselves; his/her fellows; the earth and our journey to life everlasting. I have, however, been known to dwell on language, communications, learning and the realm of theoretical physics. Learn more at: http://www.authorsden.com/visit/viewarticle.asp?AuthorID=68115&id=61876

Just because it may help to know. I'm A-D/HD, dyslexic, and as a child, my mom was told by educators, "The best you can hope for is marginally functional." I have two master's degrees; I'm working on a third and a PhD. The point being that attitude and desire are important. A doctor told my mom, with regards to me, “He is not going to do much in sports and physical education is going to be difficult." Check out my achievements. Am I bragging, some, but the real point is that attitude and desire create success and that is up to you. The choice is ours-every day, day after day. The Trinity is/are my best companion. (300.14) DID don't you love it! Dr. Hill, Millersville, University, PA would be proud of me-I remembered. Hees a fantastic professor!


Birth Place: Lewiston, ME 

Accomplishments: In the world of writing my achievements are yet to be, if at all. God has given me the ability to teach and to love all that goes with it. I have had numerous awards in the field including being honored three times in "Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers" (student oriented, colleague approved). I do feel blessed. I was a world class trampolinist and nationally ranked springboard diver. I'm also a juried woodcarver.

Short Stories

Tormented Silence
 by Donald J Beaulieu
A powerful story of existence and the difficulties of life. Through the eyes of the homeless we see them and us....

The Adventures of Elvin the Elf Owl
 by Donald J Beaulieu
The story of a young owl who gets lost and its brush with death. It deals with learning to deal with fear, environment, friends, self and listening to your elders and why we need to....

The House With the Christmas Mouse:Angels, Mice and Men
 by Donald J Beaulieu
This is a beautiful story about death and dying, the love of Christ and Christmas as seen through a family of mice. We will get to see the birth of a beautiful “name sake” while another passes happil...

I Love Me Now, but I Didn't for A While -Friends
 by Donald J Beaulieu
The power of children to rise above their fears and their handicaps; to make friends and be friendly; to handle sorrow and be themselves. Just ask 12 year old Elizabeth.......


A Eulogy
 by Donald J Beaulieu
Eulogy to a mother - who she was and why mom's are valuable.......

Rock Face Repelling, a hellish fall(read BEFORE Rock Facing:Ascension...
 by Donald J Beaulieu
Read BEFORE "Rock Facing; Ascension of Strength." This is one of several poems that was created for a new book, "Rock Face Climbing - Pure Power." It is about addictions the ones we all face, directl...

Rock Facing; Ascension of Strength (read AFTER Rock Face Repelling...)
 by Donald J Beaulieu
Read after "Rock Face Repelling... ."A poem about salvation from failures, addictions, deep wounds and the journey. Filled with symbolism, irony, allegory, and insight into the false notion t...

Just for Emma, A Special Child
 by Donald J Beaulieu
Emma was born a micro-preemie, who weighed in at just over one pound. Her daddy's wedding ring slid up to her shoulder. Death was only a matter of time, until God did what only God can do-create mir...

Cameron is My Name - Autistic is My Pain
 by Donald J Beaulieu
The anguish of Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD)of which Autism is one. Much thanks to Cameron, Maryann(mom), Kevin(dad) and Mackenzie(sister) for sharing the story this was based on....

The Apology
 by Donald J Beaulieu
Forgiveness,respect, trust and understanding...

Purple Flowers
 by Donald J Beaulieu
Confinement and its painful confusion, especially, with in one's mind....


Donald J. Beaulieu, Simple Biography
 by Donald J Beaulieu
This is a short biography on Donald J. Beaulieu, educator and writer...

Country Stolen, Honor Lost, What happened to U.S.?
 by Donald J Beaulieu
This article was written to honor our military men and veterans, especially the Vietnam era vet. And, may be to help the citizen to understand....

The Spirit of Gossamer Wings
 by Donald J Beaulieu
This essay follows the existence of love's creativity in Man and the power of the universe that help us with it. This conceptualization is both symbolic and abstract as well as multidimensional. It w...

What is True Romantic Love, Do You Think?
 by Donald J Beaulieu
It is my perfectly, imperfect understanding of trust of romantic, human love....

The Long Days of A Painted Face...
 by Donald J Beaulieu
A merciful death into salvation, but whose???...

Additional information

I have taught writing at all levels. I have taught junior and senior high school, college, community college and in the military. I have worked with children as young as five to the sharp age of sixty-five. They have taught me more about myself and life than any of my degrees. I also own and operate a personal writing consultant agency. We aid in developing one's personal ideas into poems, lyrics, essays, short stories, and concept books.

Contact Information

Dream Weaver Creations
23 Village Drive 
Newmanstown   PA   17073   USA

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 Donald J Beaulieu
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