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Books are like friends: perhaps even better... treated well, you can keep them forever...


I have always been a reader...was fortunate to grow up in a home filled with books to which I had free access as soon as I was able to read. Book banning, history white-washing, censureship are abhorrent to me. The authors who influenced me early on and most defined my taste were Alexander Dumas (père), Karl May, Jules Verne, Dostojewski, Theodor Storm, Margaret Mitchell, Sergeann Golon, Mary Stewart, Jane Aiken-Hodge, and other great romantic suspense and adventure writers. Not to forget the magic of movies...Captain Nemo and Prince c.

 Mixing characters of different nationalities comes as naturally to me as mixing humour with suspense, romance, and adventure. If I don't enjoy writing the scene, I usually know I'm on the wrong track.

Please feel free to leave a comment or two. I appreciate your visit and your opinion, and by all means, subscribe to my newsletter! So I have a reason to write one. :)

Thank you.


P.S.: please is not my domain any longer...I gave it up because it malfunctioned due to a virus -- or something -- that could not be fixed

Birth Place: Berlin,  Germany

Accomplishments: Writing related, I'd like to let you be the judge. Personally, I'm still here and the sky is still blue above the clouds. Amazing.


Leonora: Tulips in Winter by Regina Pounds
In 1788, a Russian count and a Polish Prince rescue an English damsel in distress...the beginning of a passionate tale that revolves around two headstrong lovers and an ancient intrigue....  Buy Books on the Web 

The Any Agency: Wild Violets by Regina Pounds
Introducing Anna Bradford, Private Investigator, taking on the Case of the Wild Violets....  Buy Books on the Web 

Theo's Ghost by Regina Pounds
In the idyllic Prussia of 1820, a Countess and an Englishman must uncover secrets from the past to win happiness. Mysteries and dangers lurk in this charming love story. ...   

Lord Eaglebeak by Regina Pounds
Betrothed for the sake of convenience, Richard Darby thinks he has one year to win Lady Hetty's heart. She thinks she has one year to discourage him -- and lays a wager upon it....   


Satchmo sings
 by Regina Pounds
A New Year's moment...

The March Winds
 by Regina Pounds

Me, Cat
 by Regina Pounds
Thoughts of a formerly homeless cat...

Cupids at Play
 by Regina Pounds
Happy Valentine's...

 by Regina Pounds
Thought of the Moment while listening to 'evil woman'......

Birdies have the word
 by Regina Pounds
this and that...

An Advent's Gift
 by Regina Pounds
Surprise someone with a personalized advents or child - republished but ever still valid - and I am delighted to note that this - of all of my AD posted poems - turns out to be the mo...

Midnight on the Fourth of July
 by Regina Pounds
An impression as I stepped out of doors...

just thoughts
 by Regina Pounds

Why not?
 by Regina Pounds
for the fun of it - again...

 by Regina Pounds

A tad of whimsy
 by Regina Pounds

My place
 by Regina Pounds
interactive post...

About Love
 by Regina Pounds
An excerpt from 'Leonora: Tulips in Winter' ~ a historical novel....

In Honour of St. Valentine's
 by Regina Pounds
Hearts and Roses Lovers' gentle poses Eyes locked in tender gazes Lips afire in passion's blazes Hands entwined Souls refined Petals soft as silk Whipped Cream instead of...

Higher love
 by Regina Pounds
Eternity on Demand...

2004, a Contest Reposted
 by Regina Pounds
Happy New Year to you! and an invitation to participate in Contest #4...

Silent Night
 by Regina Pounds
May all your Christmases be filled with peace and love. Gina...

The Walk
 by Regina Pounds
Born of Solitude...

 by Regina Pounds
willfully independent?...

An opportunity lost
 by Regina Pounds
it really happened last night...

 by Regina Pounds
of Crosses and Bunnies...

Lasting Impact
 by Regina Pounds
A remark made by a stranger stayed with me......

just do it, get to it
 by Regina Pounds
watch out!...

Rainy Mornings
 by Regina Pounds
Just a bit of silly nonsense...


How to Critique a manuscript (even your own)
 by Regina Pounds
The *Do*s and *Don't*s of critiquing......

The Gordonator Precision Search Engine
 by Regina Pounds
About a unique search engine, created for authors and readers alike...fascinating website...

Book Buyer Beware
 by Regina Pounds
Revised April, 2011: If you purchase POD books, you may find prices confusing. Please know what some sellers are might hurt you and certainly hurts the authors....


Setting Free
 by Regina Pounds
Please note: I am not renewing my

Pesky URL problem
 by Regina Pounds
The full URL to my author's spot at my publisher's website...

Second Editions available now
 by Regina Pounds
The second editions of RD's Historical novels can now be purchased online or ordered at your bookstore....

Wild Violets available now
 by Regina Pounds
Looking for an old-fashioned novel? oops...looking for a good book to read? Wild Violets -- a mainstream mystery -- fresh off the press....

Wild Violets more widely available now
 by Regina Pounds


RD's Books at Infinity Publishing
Author Detail page: The listings of The Any Agency: Wild Violets, Lord Eaglebeak, Theo's Ghost: Baron von Sydow's Last Will, and Leonora: Tulips in Winter, including sneak peeks

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If you are interested in discovering other self-reliant authors, please travel my webring for print-on-demand book authors.

Thanks and happy reading!

Update: I lost connections to webrings when AOL did away with the personal homepages..sorry about that...but you can still travel webrings and look for POD Books...let me know how that goes, please


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 Regina Pounds
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