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David Arthur Walters

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The Spice of Life
By David Arthur Walters
Last edited: Monday, June 13, 2005
Posted: Wednesday, June 08, 2005

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Variety is essential to life. The free market propaganda to impose Totalitaria.

Not only is variety the spice of life, variety is essential to life. Yet when we were suddenly confronted with a global economic disaster during the Asian Crisis, most Americans passively stood by as our business and political elite scurried about the globe and prescribed the cause of the disaster as its remedy, insisting that our monolithic political economy, a plutocratic synthesis of business and government, should be the global political economic order.

Yes, the antidote prescribed was the poison itself; what we need, they said, is more of the same business as usual. The advocates of the new world order preach unrestrained private capitalism, as if General Electric were a mom and pop store. The power elite insists that "free" exchange is the Yellow Brick Road to total utopia, and they cynically identify their desire to dominate the world with "democracy". They publicly worship the idol of competition because they want to open up foreign markets and dominate them so they can unload their surplus instead of sharing it with the people they have exploited for that surplus; its just distribution by virtue of fair exchange would greatly diminish the profits of the vested interests, who are in the business of getting something for nothing, and the obscene salaries drawn by the managerial class would have to be eliminated. The democratic freedom of their free market, free trade, and free exchange is the freedom to corner most of the freedom and democracy for themselves.

Of course the Asian Crisis has receded into the past and is for most people a mere blip on the screen if they can remember it at all. What is so typical about it is that the cause of the disaster was recommended as its cure. Of course "reforms" are usually proposed and passed to reduce the probability that the same thing will happen again. Notwithstanding the ancient doctrine of eternal recurrence, history does not repeat itself precisely, so it invariably appears that one reform or another really worked. Another kind of crisis invariably occurs in short order. It seems to differ from all the others - each crisis seems to be one-of-a-kind.  Hence new sorts of tweaks, adjustments, and upgrades are recommended to maintain the machine. The machine is said to be guided by an invisible hand, but in fact the engineers have carefully laid out plans to keep the expanding servile class alienated from the means of production while grinding their wages down to the minimum; to that end millions of people must be kept desperately unemployed and convinced they are somehow at fault, lest they revolt and turn to crime.  

Very few hard working couples take time off from their two or more jobs and householding duties in order to protest against the systematic reduction of the population to automatons. Part of our training in the American Way of Gilded Individualism is to compete with other individuals in hopes we will get filthy rich so we can engage in conspicuous consumption of objects. Cultural depth does not count until one has enough money to buy the leisure required to acquire it. The objective competition to get one up or over on other individuals naturally leaves every one feeling very empty and undignified when not dutifully consuming fast food and entertainment in the few spare hours left over from work. Competitive as we are, it is highly unlikely we will be moved to unite to effect radical reform of the system, or follow in the footsteps of our treasonous forefathers, revolt and set up a new government. We may commiserate for an hour or two about the faults of the system and bemoan our spiritual impoverishment; but please do not ask to put our wooden shoes in the machine works, for that would be self-destructive, in terms of the self we know so well - a cog in the machine.

We are domesticated to the idea that making money is the meaning of life. We affirm on a daily basis by almost every deed that our economic religion is the one and only true religion for the entire world. Yes, a few heretics question the dogma of the zealous free market missionaries, but their ranting is smothered by the popular public bonfires of the internationally organized media, with an occasional reference to hysterical, anti-inevitability blasphemy. When something goes wrong when our free trade and democracy is imposed on folks, then only more of the same business as usual will do - the alternatives are anathema, the evils of red devils.

"After all, is not the Eternal Truth revealed in the Holy Book faithfully kept by our Glorified Bookkeepers?" asks the High Priest. "Do not the Credits exceed the Debits, the Good the Evil, the Pleasure the Pain? After all the Sacrifices, does not the Black Ink exceed the Red that has been shed?"

Never mind that the calculations leave us feeling cold and dead. Never mind that we have too little time for Love, and that we feel like strangers in our own land. No, we must lord it over the earth and convert the heathen to Our Image, for that is the Mission of This Great Nation of Ours Under The One and Only God of the Demeaning Religion. As proof of our faith, we shall baptize all of them in a flood of Digital Tokens and teach them the Generally Accepted Principles of the Sacred Bookkeeping System. Never mind, again, that what the Lord gives He can take away at will, crushing the inhabitants flat as matzo that they may get to know Him better.

But let us not be too cynical and pessimistic, for suitable economic mythologies corresponding if not precedent to advancing "scientific" technique are an indispensable aspect of civilizations. For instance, a technique of primitive household management requires at least some belief in the virtue of submission to the household god and relevant myths for the household discipline to be effective. The lord of the estate owes more reverence to the god than his retainers, for he has more at stake. A few retainers, wanting their liberty, might take it and flee the well-ordered household, choosing bare subsistence and the terrors and opportunities of the wild over the security of the prevailing order, thus restricting the extent of the settle order. It is this glimmering of individual liberty and the occasional association of such deviants combined into voluntary and sometimes violent opposition or revolution that tends to soften the behavior of the authority in its efforts to keep retainers necessary for the expansion, upkeep and defense of the estate; that is, the estate's fortune will grow greater in accordance with the managed spread of personal liberty, the spiritual power that creates all wealth.

The spread of liberty has been a gradual process even with rapid technological advances. It is important to keep in mind that, in the context of the international evangelism, the modern economic rituals and symbols as well as the infrastructure corresponding to the raising of the material standard of living of the average individual in America to a level envied in developing nations have taken many years to fabricate and construct. Furthermore, we should know that our material success is not due to the relatively recent reformation of economic theology, but is the result of thousands of years invested in the cultivation of personal liberty by means of love and war.

Yet our current authorities would suddenly impose on the whole world what has taken centuries to cultivate. The stage of development of its fractions, its social cultures and political organizations, are virtually ignored. The neoconservative ruling elite considers other, more traditional cultures and economies inferior to their own. Having no heartfelt respect whatsoever for the identity, integrity and character of other peoples and their native ideals, our most powerful adherents to monetary dogma, believing that money is the Holy Spirit of mankind, approach them with electronic trinkets and mirrors and hotdogs; no sooner has a bite been taken, they pull out their laptops and proclaim: "There is only One Way to Total Utopia. Submit to Free Market. Be saved!"

Well, for many of us domestics, that idol might be good enough for the time being, although we are familiar enough with the defects we hope someday to cure: indeed, some of us still suspect in it an inherently fatal, selfish flaw; and even the more so as teenage maidens of the formerly great "evil empire", now converted to our doctrine in its neofascist form, sell themselves into slavery to organized gangsters. Remember: it took ages to fashion our adored idol, and other peoples have their very own idols, most of which are much older than ours. Those peoples are accustomed to karmic millennia, and not the instant cures of our miraculous faith healers offering snake oil with professionally manicured hands.

Only by following troops on devastated grounds have we worked a few dramatic imitations of our economic miracles. The peace and prosperity achieved in reconstruction was an aftermath of conflicts based on broadly accepted moral grounds, a spiritual fight among highly "civilized" cultures for freedom in order against the evils of Totalitaria. And now we would impose our own, seemingly kinder version of Totalitaria on cultures that despise us for the imposition. There will be as much if not more collateral damage, but it will be done in a civilized manner. Tragically, the destructive factor of our touted "creative destruction" has yet to achieve its end. Neoliberals led by neoconservative fascists are wreaking havoc on alternative cultures and economies. Oh, but it will work in the long run, or so they say; and they say even more of the same business as usual is needed to finish the job; and may the god of the new world order forbid social welfare programs, for the costly collective-unconscious commitment to human welfare is a savage superstition that must be painfully adjusted to the dictates of their Long-Term Advantage.

We should reconsider the economic exploitation of foreign nations in the holy names of Free Market and Democracy. The business mate of the political-economic alliance seems to form the worst sort of relationships on foreign soil; relationships that have too often resulted in domestic embarrassments and shame, if not more violent repercussions. The ruling elite of Big Business has in effect profited by the conversion of the middle class to the underclass and the subjugation, terror and death of poor people, many of whom are, ironically, capable of starting a successful enterprise with a direct loan of $100 and the political liberties taken for granted where those dollars are minted.

Surely it is high time for dogmatic economic pretexts to be abandoned and naked motives examined in the light of day. Could it be that all this talk about democratic Salvation is a neurotic defense of the relentless drive to expand  Corporate's markets at great human cost so consumers can consume more and more and more, as if they were gusanos? More of what? The United States is still relatively well off. A few get luxuries and the rest have more or less garbage, trash, and junk. Is there not some better occupation? Must Quantity be our god and Quality sacrificed when we have fouled our bed and are choking in the waste of abundance?

As a people we should be deeply embarrassed by much of the global economic activity of our business and political ministers and shamed by our silence while their false, obsolete excuses ring in our ears. We know for a fact that the prevailing economic myths are obsolete and have been led to suffering, starvation and the eventual mutual murder of millions in world world war. Every reasonably well education person knows that the successes of our collective enterprises are due to the moral and political regulation of economic activity. Yet, we have time and time again stood by and even applauded and personally invested in corporations and traders running rampant and unrestrained beyond our borders, leaving peoples and economies in ruins, trampling the poor, basing their privileged freedom on the sweat of low-wage slaves or the simple jockeying of relative monetary positions made particularly profitable by the havoc and turmoil fast bucks thrive on. That sort of freedom is directly proportional to the positive degree of wealth - it is not fair trade, and social injustice has been its fruit. Unless such activities are restrained and harnessed to good ends, no miracle will save us from bad works, at least not until we are crushed and crawling on our knees in ashes and renting our sackcloth. Even those dire circumstances, in retribution for our past advice, someone having a good day will tell us in our bad day that we will have to suffer painful adjustments for awhile, because, by decree of the god of Long-Term Advantage, we will be finally released from the grips of karma.

A good prophecy of doom is one that does not come true because people listen to it and take appropriate actions as free people. It becomes more apparent every day that we may be standing on the verge of an economic disaster that shall make the Great Depression look like an extended picnic. While the brainwashed masses in their habitual momentum maintain blind faith in the fantastic ambiguous myths that cradle the causes of such catastrophes, the social gyroscope shall eventually wobble out of control as each effort to maintain its equilibrium becomes more desperate. Even then, alarmed by the growing probability of personal misfortune, the preachers of political economy shall hold fast to those doctrines that would force every exception into the rule. They shall adjure the flocks in telecast sermons to keep the faith that abstracts economic behavior from the whole man and places it on an altar to be worshipped as the embodiment of "scientific" law. The principle of this law is that the evolution of intelligently organized greed will inevitably save the world, providing that it is organized into a single system. Their enthusiasm causes them to forget that all organizations, no matter how large they are, are subject to even the most improbable accidents and final dissolution - if there is only one organization, the whole lot is at once damned.

Hardly anyone today doubts the merits of resisting Totalitaria as represented by such personal idols as Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin. Yet few are given to resist the monomaniacal pseudo-conservative ("neoconservative") thinking that is leading the United States of America to become an empire even more evil than the empire neofascist leaders loved to hate. The subordination of minds to a particular political-economic concept is the beginning of the end of freedom, for freedom is about the moral evaluations that create personal identity. The small child expresses the natural struggle for variety when he or she states the first, momentous declaration of independence in the little word "no". Too many of us have been rendered indifferent to freedom by propaganda that fashions every mind in its image.

Eventually repressed passion is bound to rebel, dragging the mind with it. For a single organization is the absolute negation of all organizations - multiple organizations can only achieve perfect identity in death. When our prefabricated whale submerges it shall sink for want of inspiration; we shall find within no bulging bourgeois belly to carry us to the far shore. We must resist unto death the watery grave. We must bring about a restoration of independent thinking to keep us afloat. each individual must strive to obtain a degree in liberty. For variety is not only the spice of life, it is essential to life.



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Reviewed by Jackie (Micke) Jinks 6/11/2005
Whooo, David! don't be bashful, tell us what you really think :o) Could it be possible that those "political elite" are more the pawns of "big-business elite"? And getting worse with time!
Reviewed by Theresa Koch 6/8/2005
Interesting article David!

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