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Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)

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The Benefits of Chiropractic!
by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)   
Rated "G" by the Author.
Last edited: Monday, January 30, 2012
Posted: Monday, May 25, 2009

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Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)

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I am not a chiropractor, and I am not a member of a chiropractic organization. I guess you could call me a chiropractic enthusiast...because in 2009...I have visited a chiropractor over 100 times in the past 35 years on my own wellness plan, etc.

Everyone who drives a vehicle...does maintenance on it, right?  Changs the oil; checks the water and the tire pressure; tunes the vehicle up; and replaces parts if need be, right?  That's what I've done (for myself) on my wellness plan for many years...visit my chiropractor to try to stay well...even when I'm not sick, etc

Somebody asked me one day, "Do people actually go to the doctor, when they aren't sick?"  The answer is "YES...I do!"  Just like maintaining your vehicle to keep it running and on the road, I visit a chiropractor to keep me running and on the road, too! 

Plain and simply...American's all across the country are fed up with taking drugs (chemicals)...popping pills and surgeries that get them nowhere, etc.  When I started chiropractic in 1976, it was little-known and not accepted by the traditional medical community, etc.  What do they know, anyway?

In 2009, I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA) a little one-horse town of about 500,000 in population.  But, back in 1976, the city was about a third that size, and had only two chiropractors that I know of.  In 2009...there's a chiropractor on nearly every corner in the big cities.  Why?  Because chiropractic works...if you stay with it...that's why! 

I first went to visit a chiropractor in 1976, because I was desperate!  Desperate to find relief for my condition!  Because I had an accident when I was ten years old, that was never fixed, I suffered from traditional headaches and migraine headaches for years.  In suffering from the migraines, I had already visited my family doctor for over a year; and the doctors while I was in the Air Force...with no results. 

As a matter of fact, I took so much aspirin and prescription drugs at that time, that I developed bleeding ulcers, and had to be hosptalized for over three weeks.  I had no choice...I HAD to stay with chiropractic back in those days...I had already visited my family doctor with no good results, etc.

A chiropractor is nothing more than a specialist of the spine in the medical arena.  Back in the Age of Dumbness  (as I call it)...chiropractors were not accepted my the medical community.  Today (2009) chiropractors are all over the place...they must be doing something right There are more than 2 dozen chiropractors on my local Health Plan alone.  Even the VA Medical Center has chiropractors on their staff, where at one time they didn't.  Why?

Because chiropractic works, and it makes sense!  I'm a firm believer, that the more drugs (chemicals) a person takes...the more possitility that person has to get cancer!  All those drugs will destroy something on the way down...the liver...the kidneys, etc.  We're a prescription-drug oriented society...and millions of people all across the nation, are hooked on prescription drugs...that's the simple truth!  Chiropractors don't prescribe drugs!

Our spine is our Super-Highway, and it makes sense to me, that if something is wrong with the body could begin in the spine area!  Something got twisted; got out of place; a nerve is irritated or pinched, etc.  This is going to have an effect on the condition...and what's one of the first things a person does? 

 Pop pills...never-ending chemical-use in our society! 

Let it be known, that I'm not anti-pharmacy...I'm pro-common sense!  Heck...I have a medicine cabinet full of drugs, too.;  (make that half-full) 

The American Cancer Society thinks they're going to find a cure for cancer?  I don't think so...not with all the drugs (chemicals) and preservatives we consume as a society!  There has to be a way for more natural-healing...and chiropractic can be ONE of the ways...accupuncture and others, etc. 

I first visited a chiropractor in 1976, suffering from the vicious migraine headaches, and nose-bleeds which were a constant companion, etc.  This was from the results of an accident I had as a ten year old, that was never fixed, and I suffered from headaches throughout my school years.  I was never a good student because of it.  After about 20 years, the headaches got worse, and I began suffering from the unforgiving migraine variety!  This went on for nearly a decade, and I was nearly running on empty at that time, etc.

At the age of 30, I was at the end of my rope..after suffering for over a decade!  Frail; anemic-looking; blood-shot eyes from constant migraines, and I weighed only 118 pounds at the time!  I was a pathetic sight, indeed!  I was so desperate to find a cure, that once I tried chiropractic, I had to stay with it.  I had already gone to my family doctor and doctors in the Air Force with no results, etc. 

We're a society...what I call, the Age of Insanity!  Pill-poppers everywhere!  We're a society of drugs...and millions of people all across the nation are hooked on drugs...the legal variety.  My ex-wife's cousin used to pop about 17-20 drugs per day!  I knew a veteran, when I was in the VA hosptital, who consumed 30 drugs per day...amazing!  The Age of Insanity for sure!  I can assure the reader...that you're not going to see me knocking at the door at the Betty Ford Center anytime soon.  I believe that if many of these people got off their lazy butts, and exercised more...they wouldn't be taking so many drugs to stay well...but they're too lazy! 

Pain and suffering does not discriminate...everyone in the United States suffers from one thing or another! 

I'm not a doctor, so I can't nor won't give any advice, but I can tell the reader what I do to try to stay well over this long period of time. 

- Open mind:  To get alternative healing, the person must have an open do things in a different way than the traditional way, etc.  A closed mind will get you no place, in my view!  Like my father, who had a closed mind to almost everything...for was the same old, tired story of popping pills...down the same old dead-end road...and whining and crying all the way to the grave! 

- Patience: Chiropractic works with no drugs!  The body heals itself...and therefore, patience is required, depending on how long the patient has been suffering the condition, etc.  Every individual will be different.  My father would not be a good candidate for chiropractic, because he was the most impatient person in the world.  He wanted results right away!  He would throw down a hand-full of pills at night, and expected to be the 6 million dollar man the next day.  My father was also a dreamer!  Chiropracitc requires patience!

- Keeping a Journal: For many years, I kept a journal, so I could see how I was doing.  If you're like me...with a mind of a rock...most people can't remember what they did last week...much less three or six months ago.  By keeping a journal, allowed me to go back in time, and see (in black and white) how I was coming along.  I don't know what I would have done without it, etc.  I could see I was making progress all along from almost the beginning. 

- Determination to get well:  We all know the people of self-pity!  All they do is cry and whine and make others around them miserable!  Constant complaints about what is wrong with them!  I never listen to these crybabies...and just like my father...they'll cry and whine all the way to the grave, and not do much about their condition! 

In my view, the spinal chord is our SuperHighway, and if you find something wrong with your can probably find something wrong in the spinal chord.  A twisted nerve; circulation cut off; something moved; there has to be a source of the problem, etc.  If chiropractic can take even 50% distress out of the're way ahead! 

There are those, who think chiroprctors give a know...a rub-down of some sort, and that's the end of it.  Not true !  A chiropractor will move you around pretty good, and as I told my new chiropractor on May 15, 2009...that in over 100 visits over the years...I would never get used to the chiropractic adjustments.  But, I always feel better after an adjustment, and I know it works, and so I keep going back.  

Below is a list that chiropractic has helped me with over the years which include; 

- Migraine/traditional headaches; For over a decade, the unthinkable migraines pounded me into submission, until I even thought of suicide!  I was nearly homeless several times...and it was a rocky path for me at the time!  And yes, it took a long time in getting well...but I haven't had a migraine in over 25 years; I haven't had a regular headache in that time, either! 

- Nosebleeds; Ever since the accident as a kid, I have suffered from nosebleeds.  Nosebleeds aren't painful, but they can occur at the most difficult of times...while in a bank line; at a dinner; in the post office, etc.  I got a nosebleed so bad one time, that I had to go to the have a procedure done to close the part of the nose that was bleeding.  Whereas, I used to get about two nosebleeds per month in the old the year 2009, I get maybe two nosebleeds per year.  There have been many years, that I have not gotten a nosebleed all year long!  WAHOO! 

- Cold/flu;  In the year 2009, I haven't had a cold or flu since 1992 (knock on wood);  I used to get about two colds per year.  What makes it more amazing, is that for about two years, I went to a local community college, to use their computers.  (I didn't have a computer at the time)  There are about 60 computers in the Lab...therefore, when the place is packed, there are people coughing and sneezing, and more chance of getting the flu or a cold, etc. 

- Sinus/allergies; For over 18 months, I was miserable from sinus problems and allergies that just came upon me.  For months, I lived out of a sinus spray bottle and sinus pills, etc.  Then one day, I called a chiropractor I had never visited, and he told me to come over.  After eight visits and eight months...GONE were the spray bottles and sinus pills...all out the window!  And, for the next 15 years, i never had any kind of sinus medication in the house!  WAHOO! 

- Constipation/regularity; In 2009, and at the age of 64, I have never had a problem with constipation/irregularity during my lifetime.  Sure, i have had mild bouts with it...but nothing serious, until May, 2009, when I wound up in the emergency room because of severe constipation. 

While I was laying there in the ER, I was trying to remember when was the last time, I had visited my chiropractor, and it was more than a year ago!  So, I think it has been the chiropractor that has kept me regular all these years, and for a year I didn't go.  What was I thinking?  I blame a piece of french bread I ate at lunch that day...but the truth is, that it's my fault, because I got off my wellness plan for a year!  I paid for it, in spending 7 hours in the ER that awful day!  One of the first things I did upon discharge from the ER, was to make an appointment with my chiropractor, who I visited on May 15, 2009. 

- Cold sores;  Those ugly sores on the lip, which take about 3 weeks to go away!  I used to get them all the time on the upper lip, and now I haven't got a cold sore in years.  WAHOO!  (knock on wood(

- High blood pressure; A life-long sufferer of high-blood pressure, I just about didn't get into the military because of it.  For over five years, I went to the VA Medical Center, and I kept a record/journal of my visits.  Over five years, and ten different medications, my average blood pressure was 147/107 which is dangerously high!  Red flags would be thrown up everywhere I went.  (I've never been able to give blood)

After a couple of years of hardship, I didn't go to my chiropractor.  But, after five years and ten different medications, the doctors couldn't bring down the blood pressure numbers, so I went back to my chiropractor.  One year later, and without medication, my blood pressure was down and averaged 125/85 a drop of more than twenty points.  In 2009, I take a small dose of 5mg...but that's just  precautionary more than anything else.  WAHOO! 

The name of the game?  You have to stay with it!

- Curvature of the spine;   (degenerative scoliosis)

- definition: an abnormal curve of the spine,
  especially in a lateral direction;

 My mother died at the age of 85 and she had that awful curvature of the spine, whereby, a person has some kind of spinal degenerative disease, and winds up stooped over in their later years, etc. 

At my last visit to my chiropractor, I meant to ask him about this problem of the spine as we all age, but I forgot.  I'll ask him at my next visit (June/09) and I'll have that (updated) information right here for the reader.

I bring this point up, because when I was in the ER recently, waiting for my ride, I noticed a man in his 70's with this condition.  But, it was like I had never seen before.  His posture was normal and he was able to stand straight up.  But, that's where it ended.  As he stood straight up...his neck and head was parallel to the other words at about 90 degrees!  How awful...this man had problems getting around and seeing where he was going, etc.  I've never seen anything like this before! 

I'll ask my chiropractor about this condition, and if chiropractic can reduce or eliminate this condition, then seeing a chiropractor would be well worth it.  As time goes by and we all get older...we're all shrinking.  It will be interesting to find out more about this condition and what to do (if anything) about it, etc.   

*                         *                          * 

Granted...chiropractors can't fix everything...but neither can medical doctors! 

There's no magic doctor anywhere in the world! 

I don't think you'll see the word "FOOL" on my forehead anytime soon...I realize all this!  All of us need and depend of pharmacy drugs of one type or another to stay in good health...and to stay on our feet...that's just common sense!   And, for about $125.00 per's worth it to see a chiropractor 3-4 times a year on my wellness plan! 

Need a tune-up?  Everyone should be their own advocate, and and employee a combination of different healing methods for their wellness...if need-be.  (beep-beep)

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Copyright; 2008; Jerry Aragon/The Humor Doctor
Website name; humordoctormd



Web Site: humordoctormd

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