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Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)

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Prescription Drugs! The #4 Killer In America!
by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)   
Rated "G" by the Author.
Last edited: Friday, July 12, 2013
Posted: Monday, August 02, 2010

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Commercials today on television are swamped about medical products on how you can destroy yourself!
There are times when I think that medical people are all in this thing only to make money...and to fatten up their bottom line, etc. American's are taking more drugs than ever before, and they're going to have to decide for themselves, which r0ad to take!

"America's health care system is in crises precisely, because we systematically ignore prevention."  Tom Harkin 

One day, I got a letter from my primary doctor at the HMO, stating that he was leaving the HMO and moving to another state.  This meant, I now had to get another primary doctor which I did. 

After meeting my new doctor, it didn't take him long to write a prescription for another blood-pressure add to the medication I was already taking...he called it a 'cocktail.'

Because I'm not a pill-popper, and I know the dangers of medications, I told him I would not do it.  I will take one or the other...but not both!  Doctors prescribe medications all the time...but YOU and I have to take them...endangering the colon; kidneys; liver and no telling what else is at risk! 

It doesn't take a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon, to know that American's are drowning in drug use!  Americans take drugs for wake up; to go to sleep; to stand up straight; to fight the side-effects of another drug, etc.  There are so many drugs on the market today, that it makes you dizzy!  And, the consumer will have to decide which drug to take and which drup not to take...or not take any drugs at all, etc. 

About 18 months ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes, and given medication to take.  About 6 weeks later, I found myself in the emergency room for about 12 hours with severe constipation and I lost 12 pounds that awful day!  About four month later, I found myself admitted to the hospital for two days, with cramps under the right foot; along and up the right side and in the right hand, etc.  All the symtoms of a stroke!  With several tests, doctors couldn't find out what was wrong with me, but I pointed the finger at the medication, and it was changed immediately!  I have had no problems since the change, etc. 

When I was in the hospital a few years ago, there was a fellow there, who was taking 30 pills a day...mind you...30 pills a day!  Unbelievable!  My ex-wife's cousin was taking 17-20 pills a day!  Have any idea where the cancer is coming from?

The American Cancer Society is like a dog chasing its tail...going around in circles...they know what is causing all this cancer...they just are not going to take all the medications off the market...or at least limit them!  Because Americans are suckers for everything...and they know Americans are professional's a free-for-all in the pharmaceutical industry!  I've never seen so many drugs...that do so many things in my life!  All these pills out there, could be nothing but sugar-pills as far as we know... 

In (2010), there are so many deaths from colon cancer; liver and kidney cancer; breast cancer and the list goes on and on.  In our younger days, I would not allow my wife to take the 'pill' which I thought would just be another cancer-causing agent! 

"The doctor of the future will give no medicines...but WILL interest the patient in the care of the human diet; in the cause and in prevention."  Thomas Edison

From:  (A prescription for disaster...pharmaceutical overuse in the U.S.A).  Pharmaceutical medication has become a staple in the healthcare industry.  At the same time, the rate at which prescription medication use is growing in America, is nothing short of disturbing! 

As more teenagers and adults in the United States use prescription medications recreationally, the issue is cited as a 'serious problem' in an article for The Partnership for Drug Free America (2008).  Between 1997 and 2003, 893 deaths in rural West Virginia were ruled 'accidental overdoses of prescription medications.'  In 2003, the United States consumed 45% of the global pharmaceutial sales.  Additionally, prescription drug mis-use has been a rising trend since 2004 and the U.S. spent $215 billion on pharmaceuticals in 2004 and $228 billion in 2005. 

From; (Dangers of overuse of prescription medications)  A look at how prescription medications have become an issue causing it to become the number four killer of Americans behind cancer; stroke and heart disease.  The more we read about prescription medicines, the more convinced we are that if at all possible...STAY AWAY! 

Western medicine is concerned solely with the treating the symptions of a condition after they become visible.  The treatment of these symptoms mostly involves prescribing some kind of product produced by the 'Big Pharma.'

Truth be told...most doctors don't know what the drug contains and get most of the information from the drug reps, etc., who will call on them.  'Kinda' like the fox watching the hen house!  Deaths from prescription drugs have moved into the number four killer of Americans, with over 100,000 dying annually.  This is roughly three times the number killed in auto accidents each year.

*                     *                     *

My two-cents: (opinion);  I think the medical community and the "Big Pharma" would rather sweep all the previous information under the carpet...don't you?  If you can't trust your own doctor...or people in the medical community...who can you trust?

Hospitalized twice in 2009:  I had never had a problem with constipation problems, until I started taking a medication for diabetes. (Metformin)  About a month after I started, I found myself with severe constipation, and after eight hours, I was pretty helpless!  I called 911, and, as I lie there on the bed, I told the ambulance people, that I couldn't get up out of bed if there was a fire in the building, etc.  I was taken to the emergency room, where I spent the next 12 hours, and given an enema.  I was discharged at 3:00 oclock in the morning. I lost 12 pounds that awful night!

I didn't point the finger at the medication because I had no guesses. and I had only been on it a short time, etc.  Four months later, I was stricken with cramps on the bottom of the foot and numbness on the right side, which went into my right hand.  After a few days, I knew I was in trouble, so (again) I called 911, and I was taken to the emergency room.  I was admitted to the hospital after midnight, and I spent the next two days in the hospital.  Several tests were conducted, but I was told that the doctors could not find the reason for my condition.  (If they knew, they didn't tell me) 

A few days later, I had another attack of severe constipation, only this time I pointed the finger at the diabetes medication.  The next day, I cut the medication in half, and made an appointment to see my doctor.  He changed the medication right away, and cut the dosage.  I have not had a problem with constipation or stroke-like symptons since that time. 

Medications of all types can be dangerous! 

*                    *                   *

Why do you think the parking lots of chiropractors (who don't prescribe drugs) are full all the time?  American's are fed up with drugs that don't work ; getting over-medicated; and unnecessary surgeries.  Once considered 'quacks,' chiropractors number about 20 at my HMO.  They must be doing something right...with NO drugs!

At the age of 65 (2010), my top priority in my life has always been healthcare.  I get a physical exam and blood test every year, along with a flu shot.  My last blood test was in early 2010, and all the numbers were on the left side of the page (within range), which I love to see.  I don't know how anyone can have a quality of life being sick all the time, or worrying about not having a blood test to get started and early detection if there is something wrong!  To each his own...Below is a short list of the things I have done to try to stay well...

- Quit smoking:  I quit smoking in 1970 at the young age of 23, and in over 40 years, I have not had any tobacco products whatsoever! 

"Because tobacco is responsible for an impressive one-third of all cancers...prevention efforts naturally begin with it."  Bernard Levin

- Lose weight; In 2001, I lost 40 pounds, which took me a year with no drugs, etc.  And, for all you excuse-makers out there...lose the excuses, and you'll find out you can lose the weight, too! 

- Two meals a day:  Humans don't need to eat three meals a day.  After I lost the 40 pounds, I was on a roller-coaster ride between 170 and 180 pounds.  I solved the problem two years later by eating only two meals a day...breakfast and dinner! 

- Drinking; I've never drank hard liquor...only an occasional beer.  When I'm on medication, I have never drank, so for all practical purposes, I don't drink. 

- Drugs: (legal); I try never to take laxitives; stool softners; suppositories, etc.  I think that's the fastest way to burn up your digestive system.  I do take a few drugs...but I try to limit them and take the lowest dosage possible. 

- Drugs (illegal); I've never taken drugs like heroine; cocaine; LSD; marijuana; reds; yellows; uppers; downers...never!  I can do a pretty good job of screwing up my life without drugs or alcohol... 

- Patience: I think there are many people out there, that if they don't get instant results (over-night), they start popping the pills, etc.  It took me a year to quit smoking and a year to lose the 40 pounds...nothing comes easy! 

- Diabetes: Because I get a blood test every year, I knew that my glucose was elevated over a few years, and it finally went over the line, so I wasn't surprised.  Two years later, and hundreds of pricking-the-finger later...the A1C has leveled off and coming down, which I'm pleased to see! 

- Chiropractic; Since 1976, I been to a chiropractor over 100 times on my wellness plan (3 times a year).  This helps my to stay away from drugs which I know are cancer-causing!  Results?  No more headaches; blood-pressure down; nose-bleeds are a thing of the past; I haven't had a cold since 1992; better regularity; no more cold sores; sleep better; sinus problems gone; and the most important...I've reduced the intake of drugs/chemicals! 

- Health foods; I visited a health food store for the first time about ten years ago, which was pretty scary!  I eliminated red meat from my diet; I eat more bunny food; fish oil; garlic oil; olive oil; natural sleep medication (Lavarian);fish and poultry, etc. 

Medical science has proven time and again, that when the resources are provided, great progress in the treatment, cure, and prevention can occur."  Michael Fox  

- Jogging: (lifting weights);  I've been jogging 15 miles a week since 1986, and that translates to over 17,000 miles, and it's been worth it every step of the way! 

- Dental care:  I believe in good dental care, because I think the poisons from a rotten mouth can get into the blood stream and screw up other organs in the body, etc.  I had two teeth pulled in 2009...and I don't think it was such a big deal!  Most people my age don't even have their I feel good about the whole thing...

- Prevention: The name of the game, as far as I'm concerned is prevention.  Somebody asked me one time, if I knew anyone that would go to a doctor and not be sick and I answered, "!"  I go to a chiropractor three times a year on my wellness plan, because I believe in what they do.  They're specialists of the spine, and a lot of our troubles start on our Super Highway...the spinal area! 

Prune juiceI've never drank prune juice in my life until the incident in the emergency room involving constipation (2009).  One positive thing that came out of it, is that today, I drink one 32oz. bottle of prune juice every two weeks.  My regularity has improved since that time, etc. 

- Flu shot/pneumonia shot:  I get a flu shot every year; and I got a pneumonia shot about five years ago. 

- Determination; passion; discipline; sacrifice; percerverance;  These qualities are not available over-the-counter or from a doctor.  But, everyone has these qualities built-in...and every individual has to dig down into their souls and find them...and use healthcare prevention! 

- Be an advocate for yourself:  Doctors make money on every prescription they write.  They don't have to take the chemicals...YOU have to take them!  Learn as much as you can about your an advocate for yourself! 

It doesn't take a rocket scientist, to know that all these drugs we're drowning in (some of which) are cancer-causing!  I'm not anti-pharmaceutical...I'm just pro-common sense! 

We all live in a country of choices.  You have the choice of following your doctor's instructions...try to keep from getting sick with prevention...and minimize the amount of chemicals you put in your can stuff your face with chemicals...and take your chances...the choice is yours! 

I am scheduled to have a colonoscopy (prevention/early detection) on September 13, 2010, and I will let the reader know the results right here.  I always ask my doctor for a report card...A-B-C-D-or F, etc.  He told me that I got a B+ for the visit, and if I do well on the colonoscopy...he would change it to an A! 

You know the old saying...everyone makes their own bed...

- common sense: (definition); sound practical judgment that is independent of specialized knowledge;

"Prevention is better than cure."  Desiderius Erasmus

UPDATE: March 7, 2011: Results of colonoscopy; 
NO CANCER...and that was good news for me.  The procedure went fine...lasted about an hour, and the doctor told me everything was fine.  Samples were sent out to the lab, and I was a little worried about the resulte, but about two weeks later, I got a letter from the lab saying there was no cancer, and everything was fine.  Needless to say, I've been dancing in the streets ever since.  I encourage everyone to get screened, for early detection. 

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Copyright; 2013; Jerry Aragon; The Humor Doctor

Web Site: humordoctormd

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Reviewed by Mary Grace Patterson 8/19/2010
I agree that some are over medicated. We always read the side affects and indications that come with new prescribed medications. If unsure , we call te pharmacist. Some meds need to be taken at different times of the day or night, not all together. Eating lots of fiber helps combat constapation , also drinking good ole H2O helps....M
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